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New for 2019 by Mike McCarthy

101 Tips for English Language Learners

A guide to using English correctly for

high B1, and B2-C2 CEFR levels
* Shows the most common errors

and how to avoid them.
* Explains the difference between

words that are often confused.
* Gives special guidance for

students of academic writing.
* Tips on spelling and punctuation              
Kindle             paperback

* Includes exercises and an answer key.
* Gives clear examples of correct usage.
* Easy to use A-Z format.

Mike McCarthy Prolinguam Publishing

​Professor Mike McCarthy English language reference and teaching materials

Professor Mike Mccarthy English Language Reference And Teaching Materials


   paperback                   Kindle

Also new for 2019: a revised and updated edition of English Grammar: Your Questions Answered

Grammar and Usage: Your Questions Answered

by Michael McCarthy

  • A to Z format makes it easy to access and to find what you’re looking for.
  • Tells you in simple, plain language the difference between things that look similar (for example, alternate versus alternative, made of versus made from, its versus it’s).
  • Explains how to avoid going wrong with issues such as agreement between subjects and verbs or the choice of pronouns after prepositions.
  • Presents solutions to a host of common, everyday grammatical problems.
  • Guidance on appropriate usage where more than one way of saying something exists.
  • Distinguishes between spoken and written grammar where appropriate
  • Includes advice on vocabulary, spelling, pronunciation, punctuation and style.