A truly well-deserved Lifetime Achievement Award went to Mike McCarthy's friend, co-author and colleague of 30 years, Ron Carter, at the British Council ELTONS Awards Ceremony, 14th June 2017.

If you'd like to watch Mike's  video tribute to Ron, extracts from which were shown at the ceremony,

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News of research, talks, publications, etc. 

Article by Mike McCarthy: 'Changes in English Grammar – The Tortoise, Not

the Hare' now out in English Media Centre emagazine  78: 50-52.

Interested in the Welsh language and  Welsh corpora? Choose your language for information about the  National Corpus of Contemporary Welsh  / Corpws Cenedlaethol Cymraeg Cyfoes (CorCenCC) project:

The project

​   The team

​Mike McCarthy is a project consultant


Article by Mike McCarthy, ​'Usage on the Move: evolution and re-volution', ​available online in the ICC journal Training Language and Culture, 2017, 1 (2): 8-22.

Article on Irish and British English by Elaine Vaughan, Mike McCarthy

and Brian Clancy in World Englishes​ , 2017,36 (2): 208-223.

New book on an important subject by Kieran Harrington - highly recommended: 

The Role of Corpus Linguistics in the Ethnography of a Closed Community

New article by Elena Malyuga and Mike McCarthy: English and Russian vague category markers in business discourse: Linguistic identity aspects.Journal of Pragmatics. Volume 135, pp. 39-52.

​​Chapter on teaching conversation by Mike McCarthy and Jeanne McCarten out

now in Christian Jones (ed.) Practice in Second Language Learning.


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